Antibiotic resistant lab materials procedure

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Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing

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Sensitivity Analysis

Objective. The test determines the susceptibility of a microbial species against different antibiotic agents. Principle. The introduction of various antimicrobials for treating variety of infections showed the necessity of performing antimicrobial susceptibility testing as a routine procedure in all microbiology laboratories.

Materials Required. Petriplate containing microbial culture(For example, Escherichia coli) Ruler. Procedure.

Select a pure culture plate of one of the organisms to be tested. from the individual antibiotics to the standard table to determine whether the tested bacterial species is sensitive or resistant to the tested antibiotic.

Cite. Antibiotic resistance of bacteria Procedure Using a sterile loop, pick an isolated colony from you bacterial plate. Try to find one that grew well but is all by itself. Move the colony (don’t scoop up the agar) to a new plate.

Using a moist, sterile, cotton swab, spread the bacteria around on the plate. The Continue reading "antibiotic resistant lab".

Laboratory Testing & Resources

Experiment 2: Measuring Antibiotic Resistance Procedure 1. Using one of the plates covered with bacteria from the first lab, draw four even quadrants onto the bottom of the plate.

Label them penicillin, ampicillin, kanamycin and control. 2. Wearing your gloves. Upon studying the pre-lab materials, students are required to design the wet-lab Purposes, Materials and Equipment, Procedure and Questions.

The plan should be sensible and can serve as a clear guideline for the experiments. b. Post_lab assignments: the antibiotic-resistant infection. The discovery of new antibiotics has become an urgent. Antibiotic discs can be placed on the surface of the agar using sterilized forceps.

Gently press the discs onto the surface of the agar using flame sterilized forceps or inoculation loop. Carefully invert the inoculated plates and incubate for 24 hours at 37° C.

Antibiotic resistant lab materials procedure
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