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The aim of this coursework is to investigate how Bangladesh’s Physical environment is affecting the rate of the development of the country. Furthermore, to explore what efforts could be made to reduce the country’s problems. By taking coursework in geographic information science in addition to physical geography coursework, graduates may also build careers in the fields of geographic information systems.

Success in a controlled assessment in geography depends on the effective use of geography skills. This section of the course assesses many skills. Geography of Bangladesh Bengal forms the capstone of the arch formed by the Bay of Bengal, and because of the Tibetan massif to the north it is a comparatively narrow land bridge between the subcontinent of India and the subcontinent of Southeast Asia.

It has therefore a. Bangladesh Geography Bangladesh covers an area ofsq km, a little more than the size of Greece.

Geography Bangladesh Coursework

It extends from 20'34N to 26'38N latitude and from 88'01E to 92'41E longitude. It extends from 20'34N to 26'38N latitude and from 88'01E to 92'41E longitude. What are the main 5 features of a river?

Source etc What are the 3 jobs of any river? What are the 4 erosion types? What are the 4 deposition types?

Geography bangladesh coursework
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