Resitting an exam

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Repeating and retaking / resitting a course unit

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Exam policies and FAQ

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Resitting Exams: Everything You Need To Know

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Re-sitting an examination If you fail an examination in the summer and can re-take it again before the beginning of December you can remain in the UK to take the re-sit examination, and if. Individual Examination Arrangements For students at the Leicester Campus If you wish to apply for individual exam arrangements because of an ongoing condition or disability (likely to.

Exams and assessment. Your studies will be assessed by a mixture of assignments and exams. Assignments.


An assignment is a piece of written work, based on your course material, lectures, seminars and small-group tutorials. Assignments are the main way for you to consolidate your knowledge and express what you’ve learned.

Once written, you'll. Re-sitting. Applicants who fail to pass any section of the test are permitted to re-sit the relevant exam components, although they must wait for three (3) weeks from the date of their first attempt. Resitting Examinations If you are unsuccessful in any of your exams then you will usually be allowed to resit.

Your department will contact you once your results have been formally agreed to discuss your options with you and let you know when you will be able to resit your exams. The exam authority said students would be offered an opportunity to resit exams or resubmit work in November but that it would not be "revisiting" the June grade boundaries because it would "contradict our responsibility to maintain standards over time andmake sure results are comparable yearon-year".

Everything you need to know about exam resits Resitting an exam
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