The question of whether college football needs a playoff

College Football Top 25 Rankings for 2018

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College Football Playoff, bowl projections: Preseason calls for each of the 2018-19 games

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Top takeaways from college football Week 9

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On the road to the College Football Playoff, one play can often determine a team's fate. A timely kick return here or a defensive stop there can. Of course, Kelly wasn’t coaching college football for most of that time.

But it had been pretty rough for the past month-and-a-half as UCLA endured an 0–5 start. Watch video · This season, we do not know who the starting quarterback will be, but whether it is Jalen Hurts (who started every game last year) or College Football Playoff.

Jan 09,  · Projecting the top 25 college football teams for The way-too-early top 25 will look a lot like one would expect with Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and Georgia at the top. Below are reasons why Michigan can or cannot compete for a spot in the College Football Playoff in Three Reasons Why Michigan Will Make the College Football Playoff in 1.

A detailed look at college football Top 25 team rankings for from the editors of the most accurate NCAA preseason ranking magazine.

The question of whether college football needs a playoff
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College Football Playoff and bowl schedule