Writing a browser fuzzers

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We pause open collaboration. The best fuzzers are highly customizable, so generalized fuzzers are often quite complex to configure and use, and can become out-of-date quickly.

Fortunately, we're software engineers, so we'll build a fuzzer that can be customized to a specific web application rapidly. Python is fast becoming the programming language of choice for hackers, reverse engineers, and software testers because it's easy to write quickly, and it has.


A fuzzer that generates completely random input is known as a “dumb” fuzzer, as it has no built-in intelligence about the program it is fuzzing.

A dumb fuzzer requires the smallest amount of work to produce (it could be as simplistic as piping /dev/random into a program).

Chrome Reward Program Rules

• Comparing mutation-based and generation-based fuzzers • Using and automating environment variable and argument fuzzing • Mastering in-memory fuzzing techniques • Constructing custom fuzzing frameworks and tools • Implementing intelligent fault detection.

Attackers are 5/5. Hi all, I've been unable to find any good resources for creating your own fuzzers through my own research. Can anyone point me in the direction.


Fuzzers can also be written to use ClusterFuzz directly. This allows fuzzers to be written in a wide range of languages and to take advantage of ClusterFuzz's more advanced options.

Writing a browser fuzzers
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Fuzzinator, a mutation and generation based browser fuzzer | Web Apocrypha